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Working with Reaboka Foundation

We are dedicated to working with marginalised and vulnerable communities, mainly in rural areas. This we do by designing and producing gifts in contemporary styles, combining traditional craft techniques with commercial manufacture.


New products are market-driven and developed on a continual basis. We consult closely with you, our client, in order to understand your requirements.



We promote sustainability of our products through maintaining high quality, originality, prompt delivery and always striving to fulfill our customer's needs.

Customer Specific Design

Corporate Gifting

The Reaboka Foundation is registered as a Non-Profit Company. By buying our products, which we specially brand for your company, you can support our mission through Supplier Development.


Special Events

Celebrate personal or corporate events by spreading goodwill and in the process you are easing the burden of poverty in our South African community.

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School Foundations 

We design and produce school related gifts in order to educate and create awareness of the plight of the underprivileged. By buying a little gift from us, you have helped another child while promoting your school.

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